The company "Studio Donic" was created as a continuation of the activities initiated by Herco LTD company (existing on the Polish market since 1993) for the processing of glass-reinforced composites. At the beginning, there was manufactured the highest quality products made from glass-reinforced polyester, such as spoilers for cars (brand of car spoilers Carzone Specials since 1999), and then, using years of experience and staff of specialists, in 2008 there was decided to extend product offer about pots and other items made from fibreglass composites (brand HercoDesign).
Currently, as a company and brand "Studio Donic", we specializing mainly in the manufacturing of exclusive garden pots.

In 2011, the first time we participated in exhibitions such as "Green is Life" where we were awarded with Silver Prize for “The Most Attractive Presentation Stall”. We also took part in “The Perfect Home and Interior” trade fair, where our corner-pot won honorable mention in the category of “The Best Product of Fair”. In the GALLERY you can find a photo of our stand.

February 2013 - we participated at Ambiente in Frankfurt am Main - the most prestigious and the world's most important event for consumer-goods sector, household, decorating and design.In the GALLERY you can find a photo of our stand.


      All our products are characterized by the highest European quality. Their biggest advantage is that they are lightweight and resistant to all weather conditions. The material of which they are produced enables the execution of the product in any shape, even on special order.

Our planters can have a variety of purpose, and they are the quintessence of elegance and add charm to any environment. We can meet almost any customer's individual project. Our highly skilled team has extensive experience in the production of pots in every size and shape, so they can be perfectly matched and at the same time unique. Are made from glass-reinforced polyester (material, which is also used to produce yachts, swimming pools and even tanks for chemical substances). Products of the fibreglass are characterized by very high stability. The best proof is the fact that the first goods produced from it are over 50 years now and yet many of them are used today, often bearing no signs of wear. Obviously, the materials we use today are incomparably better. However, it should be remembered that the laminate is a material "working" - slightly changing its shape under the influence of external factors, such as temperature, sunlight, pressure from inside (ground or water). In this respect, the plane of this material can be compared to the plates of other materials: wood, metal, dibond etc. Consequence of such movements laminate may be poorly visible microcraks surface layer, the critical points of the pot - the joints of frames at the corners. It is rare, but can occur on the accumulation of several factors at once. This is a normal - not affect the functionality of the pot and never lead to deeper cracks.

  • Pots have insulating layer inside, which protects plant roots against frost in winter and drying out in summer. What’s more, they are specially prepared insets, at their bottoms, in which drainage holes can be made at the request.
  • The outer layer of gel coat plus pot is painted with polyurethane paints professional, business character very high resistance to UV rays, high and low temperatures.
  • There is a color according to RAL palette in "shine" or "satin" finish.

We have a group of products with dimensions and colors as a "standard", what’s more we can make pots in every size and color specified by the Customer. Pots are always made from one piece (even corner) - do not have any connections. The exclusive service allows the customers to convert any gardens, terraces and or penthouse green roof- garden in to any imagined style.