Custom made pots

Custom made pots

Planters tailored to satisfy every individual taste.

We have an extensive range of standard pots and planters. However, what makes Hercodesign unique are the custom made projects. Our highly skilled team has a vast experience guiding clients to realize their designs. All our products are available in a wide range of RAL colors in satin or glossy finishing.

Particularly popular, among our extensive choice of products, are individual designs proposed by our clients. This exclusive service allows the customers to convert any terrace and or penthouse green roof- garden in to any imagined style. The customer sends us a drawing with dimensions and technical characteristics which he/she thinks desired effect should be.

  • Then we in 3 easy steps: agree on the details, quote the value and finally produce it.
  • One of the most interesting implementation, we have done for customers in Belgium, was a terrace on the roof of building in the center of Antwerp, where part of the pots had a closed function of rainwater tanks. And the flowerpot corner wasn’t 90 degrees because the house was not built with right angles ...
  • The biggest advantage of our planters is their low weight, and the fact that they are resistant to UV rays and high and low temperatures.
  • Moreover, the inner layer protects the plant’s roots against drying off and freezing.

Price on request.