POT - Angus

Height cm: Length cm (upper/down): Width cm (upper/down):
40 / 30
40 / 30
40 / 30
40 / 30

POT Angus

Pot Angus is the newest and funkiest figure of pot. The shape of pot is in the form of a cuboid narrowing down. Size proposed by us is the upper frame 40x40 cm and down 30x30 with different heights (pots from attached pictures have height of 40 and 80 cm). Ideal for not too big plants, that we want to expose and optically "lift". Angus pots combine elegance and modernity.

  • Apart from the above sizes, Angus can be in any other size specified by customer.
  • Pot can be made on wheels, which makes it easy to move from one place to another, as well as free drainage (important for some plants).
  • The biggest advantage of our planters is their low weight, and the fact that they are resistant to UV rays and high and low temperatures.
  • Moreover, the inner layer protects the plant’s roots against drying off and freezing.
  • All our products are available in a wide range of RAL colors in satin or gloss finish.

Price: 450 - 720 zł.